Throughout the course of a typical day, our customers will ask, “should I email you my art file for print....or should I bring  it on my “thumb”, “jump”, or “flash” drive”...... 


Whatever terminology you want to use, they are all pretty much the same thing. A flash drive, USB drive, thumb drive, jump drive, data stick, pen drive, memory stick,

or key chain drive are all portable storage devices.


They often have different capacity for memory and storage and come in all shapes and sizes, often reflecting our customers’ personalities or favorite characters. 

We’ve seen “Wonder Woman”, “Batman”, airplanes, cars, fish, pineapples, dog paw prints, and of course one shaped like a “thumb”, pulled out of purses and pockets,

holding that digital art file in a compact package.   


Incredibly useful, very portable, with the ability to use over and over again, we love their functionality. Word to the wise.....always have backups for your backups....

I’ve seen customers have minor melt downs when all their data was either not replicated to their thumb drive when they thought it was....

or it crashes when we try to open the files, the drive is overloaded or lost!  In other words, don’t save all your life’s work on this amazing device without saving it somewhere else!


By the way, if you want to use one of these drives as a marketing tool, we can get them custom printed with your company name on them. 

Pretty cool way to share your branding and message with customers.  


You can email your art files to Insty Prints at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like, or if you chose to “drive” me those files, you can do that too. 

We value you and your business and hope to see you soon.



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