Christmas cards in our digital world!


Traditional Christmas cards have lost a little of their luster with the rise of social media.  We have opportunities to be in constant contact with our friends and family through Facebook Twitter, Instagram, etc.  It would be very simple to push a button wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and be done in about thirty seconds or less!  Does that digital message convey what you want?... is it enough?.... maybe, but here are some reasons to keep the conventional practice alive.


Digital is not always easier:

As my precious mother reminds me often, it’s harder for her and some of her friends to do all things digitally.  Sometimes it’s because our loved ones live in remote areas where services are an issue, and at times  it’s because they don’t need or have the resources to obtain the best, fastest, up to date “techy” equipment. But I do believe that my mother’s generation and for that matter mine, (and hopefully younger than I,) place a value on a handwritten cards, thank you cards and letters.  This practice demonstrates a thoughtfulness that may not be achieved by typing a message on a computer or phone and quite frankly, it gives us a chance to practice our handwriting skills, somewhat of a lost art for a lot of us.


  Touch is important:

A physical Christmas card is a tangible!   You can touch it, feel it, place it on your fireplace mantel, or attach it to the card holder that graciously displays your holiday spirit.  Family pictures on Christmas cards often grace refrigerators or bulletin boards long after the season has passed.  Reading the personal messages, long letters of a years’ accomplishments and events, (good and bad), or simply seeing someone’s handwriting saying “Merry Christmas,” gives you a warm feeling of connectivity that would be harder to achieve digitally.


Christmas cards are economical:

It costs money to send a card through the postal service. To send 100 cards this year will cost you $55 just for postage, not including printing costs.   Christmas is already an outpouring of resources for most, so spending money on cards and postage may seem unnecessary.  Your custom cards can be produced beautifully and economically while conveying the sentiment and message you wish to give the recipient.    Full color cards are very affordable, either as traditional greeting cards or as a postcard.  Be fun and creative... a collage of pictures shows the reader your “year in review”,  leave room to write that personal greeting we talked about above, or include a letter explaining 2019 in detail. As the writer of this message, it’s very reflective and often gives us a perspective we forget about going about our busy days.


Traditions, old and new:

I encourage you to reflect on your Christmas card practices and either maintain your current tradition of mailing out your messages, or start a new tradition by doing so.  Get your family involved in the process.  After all, this season is one of sharing, spending time with our loved ones, and feeding our souls with the joy the holiday brings.  Start with a Christmas card!  Here to help at Insty Prints and enjoy the season.     Tamara


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